Living The Being

Mastery in all Dimensions.

Practical experiential courses for 

starseeds, empaths, lightworkers and world servers


Starseeds, lightworkers, healers. You know that to return to full consciousness as divine beings, we need to allow our hearts to guide us again. We are here again to assist you in making this shift and to help you raise the vibration of your field, and that of humanity and Earth, and to awaken you to the true divine essence of your being. 

We welcome you in peace and harmony to our field. We three, Robin, Helena and Lorna, are together again in this incarnation to assist those of you who are called to work with us. As during our times in Lemuria, we work with and embody ancient modalities and wisdoms to enhance and accelerate your evolution. 

The Living The Being field embodies the threefold flame of life; divine Love, divine Wisdom and divine Power. To those of you whose hearts yearn for heaven on Earth we welcome you and invite you to join us. 

We hold peace, love and prosperity in our hearts in perfect harmony and unity of consciousness in service to humanity. 

Whatever you become by embracing your divine nature remains with you for eternity. Learn how to live each moment of each day with conscious awareness that you are a divine being having a human experience.  

Your divinity will manifest with your dedicated intention and moment-by-moment conscious participation.


Anchoring, aligning are important, but how do you know if you are anchored and aligned?

How do you know if you are anchored and aligned?

For world servers, starseeds and lightworkers

1 day courses, which build on each other - grow and integrate at your own pace

'Grounding your Being' - 24 May 2019, 'Orientating your Being' on 25 May in Zwartebroek, near Amersfoort, NL

1 day courses - grow at your own pace

Day 1: 'Grounding your Being'

  • Grounding, centering and aligning your field
  • Start to master your energy field
  • Connect to your inner temple
  • Connect to your guides, Archangels and ancient wisdom

Day 2: 'Orientating your Being'

  • Guiding principles of working with energy
  • Clearing your own field
  • Dealing with energy of others
  • Experiencing and knowing your place in the bigger field

Day 3: 'Navigating The Being'

  • Setting fields
  • How to affect your surroundings
  • Experiencing and knowing oneness
  • Living in the 5th dimension

Day 1: Course Dates

  • Friday 24 May 2019

€150 per person per day includes healthy organic lunch and snacks, and drinks.


Day 2: Course Dates

  • Saturday 25 May 2019
  • Saturday 15 June 2019

 €150 per person per day includes healthy organic lunch and snacks, and drinks. 


Day 3: Course Dates

Day 3 

  • Sunday 26 May 2019
  • Sunday 16 June 2019 

Day 4 



join a course that resonates for you

Day 4: 'Balancing your Being'

  • Learn how to release and work with your triggers
  • Balancing heart and brain/mind - learning to live from the heart
  • Deeply connecting to your Higher Self 

Day 5: 'Unifying Your Being'

  • Unifying your field is a big step in your development.
  • Understanding how to unifying, the process and stages of development
  • Connecting to your Masters, Teachers, Guides, your team for next steps

Day 4 & 5: Course Dates

  • July 2019

'Living the Being'


Are you ready to fully embrace your mastery? 'Living the Being' is a multi-dimensional approach for personal transformation that will unlock more of your soul keys and codes. You will access your vast library of skills, knowledge and expertise and stand in your power with humility and clarity.


As a professionally trained and experienced team of energy and light workers, we have the tools and understanding to enable you to reliably connect to your divine guidance. Through direct experience you will come to know and align completely with your Higher Self and spirit team.


Committing to be your soul vibration is just that – a commitment.  Our commitment is to you and Spirit, our guidance and support will enable you to realize meaningful growth in a way that facilitates your developing mastery so you may fully live your soul's vibration.