Starseeds, lightworkers, healers. You know that to return to full consciousness as divine beings, we need to allow our hearts to guide us again. We are here again to assist you in making this shift and to help you raise the vibration of your field, and that of humanity and Earth, and to awaken you to your true divine essence. 

We welcome you in peace and harmony to our field. We three lightworkers, Robin, Helena and Lorna, are together again in this incarnation to assist those of you who are called to work with us. As during our times in Lemuria, we work with and embody ancient modalities and wisdoms to enhance and accelerate your evolution. 

The Living The Being field embodies the threefold flame of life; divine Love, divine Wisdom and divine Power. To those of you whose hearts yearn for heaven on Earth we welcome you and invite you to join us. 

We hold peace, love and prosperity in our hearts in perfect harmony and unity of consciousness in service to humanity. 

Whatever you become by embracing your divine nature remains with you for eternity. 

Learn how to live each moment of each day with conscious awareness that you are a divine being having a human experience.  

Your divinity will manifest with your dedicated intention and moment-by-moment conscious participation.


Living the Being

New for 2020 - Day courses in Dutch language

“Living the Being” is een 5-daagse energetisch programma gericht op leven in vreugde en overvloed in plaats van uit angst en schaarste!

'Living the Being' gaat over het ontwikkelen van je bewustzijn. Een hoger bewustzijn zal je in staat stellen een perspectiefverschuiving te maken van dualiteit naar eenheidsbewustzijn. Hoe hoger je bewustzijn, hoe beter je in staat bent je energie te beheersen, hoe meer invloed je hebt op wat je in je leven wilt aantrekken.

Dit is een programma om los te komen van onze emotionele overtuigingen in de 3e dimensie en verbinding te maken met ons volledige potentieel in de 5e dimensie. Het gaat over het verbinden met de wijsheid van het hart. Hoe meer ons hart schijnt, hoe meer we ons licht naar de Wereld kunnen uitstralen. Elk licht doet er toe en maakt het verschil.!

Het programma is opgebouwd uit 5 dagen en zijn los te volgen. Je dient ze wel opeenvolgend te doen, maar je bepaalt zelf hoeveel dagen en wanneer je toe bent aan de volgende dag.

Dag 1: Grounding your being

Dag 2: Orientating your being

Dag 3: Navigating your being

Dag 4: Balancing your being

Dag 5: Unifying your being.

Announcing new for 2020 - 3 day intensive!

5D and Beyond: High Light, High Dive residential

For world servers and others who have aligned with divine will to serve all. A residential experience of living completely in the 5th dimension. Accompanied and guided by our teachers, masters, guides, loved ones and many others we will align together with divine will to bring forth what is called. 

1 day courses - grow at your own pace

Day 1: 'Grounding the Being'

  • Grounding, centering and aligning your field
  • Start to master your energy field
  • Connect to your inner temple
  • Connect to your guides, Archangels and ancient wisdom

Day 2: 'Orientating the Being'

  • Guiding principles of working with energy
  • Clearing your own field
  • Dealing with energy of others
  • Experiencing and knowing your place in the bigger field

Day 3: 'Navigating the Being'

  • Setting and preparing fields
  • How to affect and illuminate your surroundings
  • Experiencing and knowing oneness
  • Living in the 5th dimension

Day 1: Upcoming

  1. Friday 28th February 2020 (English language)
  2. Friday 13th March 2020 (Dutch)
  3. Thursday 23rd April 2020
  4. Monday 11th May 2020
  5. Thursday 27th August 2020

€150 per person per day includes healthy vegetarian and vegan organic lunch and snacks, and drinks.

Day 2: Upcoming

  1. Saturday 29th February 2020 (English language)
  2. Saturday 14th March 2020 (Dutch)
  3. Friday 24th April 2020
  4. Thursday 12th May 2020
  5. Friday 28th August 2020
  6. Thursday 8th October 2020

 €150 per person per day includes healthy vegetarian and vegan organic lunch and snacks, and drinks. 

Day 3: Upcoming

  1. Sunday 1st March 2020
  2. Saturday 25th April 2020
  3. Thursday 8th May 2020
  4. Friday 9th October 2020

  €150 per person per day includes healthy vegetarian and vegan organic lunch and snacks, and drinks. 

Join a course that resonates for you

Day 4: 'Balancing the Being'

  • Learn how to release triggers and how to work with your triggers
  • Balancing heart and lower mind/higher mind - learning to live from heart-centered
  • Connecting deeply to your Higher Self

Day 5: 'Unifying the Being'

  • Unifying your field is an important step in evolution
  • Understanding how to unify, the process and stages of development
  • Connecting to your Masters, teachers, guides and others in your team for next steps

Day 4 - Upcoming this year

  • Friday 9th May 2020
  • Saturday 10th October 2020

Day 5 - Upcoming

  • Tuesday 8th December 2020

Anchored & aligned, how do you know if you are!

For world servers, starseeds and lightworkers

1 day courses, which build on each other - grow and integrate at your own pace

'Living the Being'

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Living the Being