What are Chakras?

The chakras are a model of the energy system that originates from Tantric philosophy. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “a wheel, a disc, or any arrangement in circular form or organization.”

Your chakras are spinning vibrating circles of energy that appear as wheels in your body – they connect your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

The chakras have been studied as a model of human development and the understanding of the unfolding of our relationship between our spirit and our conscious ego.

The word chakra is also a metaphor for the sun, the great wheel in the sky that moves like a blazing chariot across the sky. Chakras represent the eternal cycle of time, order and balance. 

The chakras are energy centers that are aligned with a certain part of your body and hold symbols, colors and vibrations that can bring your mind and spirit into a state of transcendent health.

Your chakras are subtle energy fields, they are active at all times and are the centers where your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies come together.

Prana or life force, is the force that keeps energy circulating through them. Your chakras form along the spine of your subtle body and connect you both with the essential energetic connection we have through movement to mother earth and to our divine heavenly father.

Our chakras are reflections of our environments, culture, and our personal experiences. The holistic nature of the universe is reflected beautifully within each chakra.


Transpersonal Chakras

The Transpersonal chakras are the ones that transcend the realms of the incarnated personality.  These chakras hold the powerful keys to the spiritual development and understanding of the dynamics of Creation. Although part of the teachings of various esoteric traditions, Master Dwjal Khul was the first to reveal publicly to the world, through the works of Alice Bailey, the existence of the Transpersonal chakras, namely the location and function of the Soul Star.

The chakras are formed with a mixed of ethereal, astral and mental substances. It is through them that we can connect with the denser terrestrial energies of the planet and, at the same time, with the most subtle vibrations of the cosmic space. The secondary and tertiary chakras, when appropriately balanced, ignite an alchemical phenomenon known as the Unification of the Chakras. 

As the Earth Star chakra (just below our feet) connects us to Earth with her energy and information, the Soul Star connects us the higher vibrations of the cosmos.  It is critical to developing the both the Soul Star and the Earth Star simultaneously.

The Hara Line is the major pipeline, in which energy passes through the central part of the human body, where the primary personal chakra system is located. Located in the central part of the physical body to the navel, the Hara is our true self, the essence of our Divinity. The Hara Line is the conduit that allows the Light energy to pass down to the Soul Star through the Crown, spiraling level straight line down through Hu-Yin point located in the perineum, root or base chakra; the process continues  following downward towards the Earth Star, expressing and manifesting the energy of God on Earth through this connection.  The Transpersonal Chakras join the Soul Star with the Earthstar and Star Core of the Earth.

Just as the Sushumna, or Central Channel, connects the seven primary chakras in the physical body, the Hara Line connected the Transpersonal Chakras to the Sub-personal Chakras through the subtle bodies and connected to the physical body at the Tan Tien. 

The Earth Star Chakra is located approximately15 cm below the feet, by which we receive the terrestrial/telluric energy, rising through the chakras of the feet. This chakra is responsible for rooting the personal and transpersonal parts of one’s soul to the Earth's molten core of iron through the Earth’s electromagnetic field.  The Earth Star builds the necessary energic bridge which connects the incarnational purpose of a soul with the roots of the planet; Therefore being essential to anchor a plane of existence. The Earth Star Chakra is also known as the Auric Field Chakra.

The story of our lives is recorded inside of the matrix of our Earth Star.  Following the same path as Kundalini, with birth and childhood being the lower spine and our future at the top, as the energy irradiates to the neck, the Earth Star Chakra becomes responsible for the personal development and the paths we take forward in life. 

The Earth Star Chakra embraces all of our ancestral and racial history, all of our current incarnation’s family mysteries and cycles as well as all generational issues. It is also the record keeper of all past life incarnations and holographic karmic lessons learned. At the end of earthly existence, we disconnect from the Earth Star and climb through this tube of Light, passing through all the chakras, when we arrived at Crown and visualized the Light from the Soul Star, the tunnel named by people with close experiences to death. In the process of this ascension, we perceive our whole existence, ordered from the beginning to the end.

This sub-personal chakra makes the actual connection between the tridimensional plane of existence of this planet and the holographic grid of previous incarnations. This center differs entirely from the Karmic matrix of the four dimensions because the Earth Star connection is a non-karmic one.


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