Living Your Being

* our courses in 2020 will be delivered online via zoom. 

'Living Your Being' is a program for individuals who seek to fully live their soul's purpose in the multi-dimensional evolving world. 

The program is about:

  • Exploring what it is that supports you to stay in balance in this complex world.
  • Opening to guidance from Universal intelligences and energies.
  • Mastery of your energy, heart and head.

Exploration and playfulness

The program will be tailored to your personal journey & transformation and offers space for exploration and playfulness to discover what works for you. You'll learn how to integrate this in your daily life. We provide a wide variety of tools, which will support you in connecting faster and deeper to the frequencies of all dimensions. We focus on: helping you to create a perfect connection to and with your heart; identifying your highest intentions of what you can be; and learning how to share this with others. 

From Newtonian to Quantum thinking

Our Newtonian way of thinking, which focuses on analysis and control, to make things manageable, no longer solves our challenges. Our living environment requires more and more 5-dimensional solutions related to Quantum thinking, which focuses more on surrender, letting go and working together to find solutions that are beneficial to all beings and the Earth. 

Serving humanity

An important underlying principle of this program is that we are extremely powerful, when connected with universal energies. From these connections we can truly shine our light in the world and serve humanity in the best possible way. Our focus in the program is to give the best of ourselves to each other and to all be mirrors in our growth.

Apply for this programme if you:

· Feel called to join this programme 

· Wish to be manifest your soul’s purpose in the multidimensional world

· Are attracted to be a light in the world and serve humanity

· Wish to live in harmony with Universal energies

Cost per person is €150 per day. 

Pay as you go. 

Each day runs from 9am until 5:30 pm. Wholesome, organic food and drink is provided throughout the workshop. 

Overnight accomodation is not included but is available in bed and breakfast nearby. 

Details for accommodation are available on request. 

Learn More

Please contact us if you wish to learn more about 'Living Your Being.' You are unique and your path is unique. Every one travels their own path to find 'the way.'

'Living Your Being' will enable you to fully live the life you planned for this incarnation. It will enable you to find the way and know your path. 


Logistics & practical information

This program will be held in the centre of the Netherlands (an easy train journey from Amsterdam Airport and by train from almost anywhere in NL) on the grounds where Robin and Helena live. This is a place of high crystal energy and deep-grounded light into the earth. This environment will provide additional support to ground you deep in to your potential.

Each day of instruction is with 3 expert energy coaches, healers and experienced facilitators. Each participant will receive individual (1-2-1) and group coaching. Wholesome organic lunches, and drinks are included.  

The program will be conducted in English