Serving All - Raising Consciousness

Helena van Ruyven


Works with highly sensitive people to help them find better work/life balance. 20 years experience as an energy coach and crystal healer.

Robin Groeneveld

Robin Groenvelde

Facilitator and coach with 22 years experience coaching hundreds of executives and teams. 

Lorna Collins


Energy master, light spirit healer, reiki master, energy coach, in service to spirit.  

Why are we offering these courses?

Living in the 5th Dimension

Some of us are already living in both the third and the fifth dimension. We are aware of ourselves as multidimensional beings and we are spiritually-oriented to serve Source. 

The natural state of All That Is is unified with itself. The amount of energy it takes to maintain the illusion of seperation is absolutely incredible. It takes so much more energy than to simply let go. That is part of the reason why the mental body was developed to be so strong. The easiest way to maintain the illusion of seperation was to have the mental body declare everything it cannot see as "not real." So your mental body screens out all impulses coming from your Spirit, until you restore the connections to Spirit. 

We seek to empower you to return to your divine perfection in connection with Spirit. Living with freedom and in the full knowledge that you are divine spirit, a multidimensional being having an amazing human experience here on Earth.


Robin Groeneveld

Robin introduces himself and tells the story of why he is connected with Living the Being.

Helena van Ruyven

Helena introduces herself and shares her story for being connected with Living the Being.

Lorna Collins

Lorna shares her story about her connection to Living the Being.

Our Service to You

Tools to flourish


Empowering you to fully energize your soul purpose. We provide expert guidance and support with experiences and tools (crystals, movement, sound and constellation) which are practical and which work well.

Tools to explore

explore, spiritual development

Empowering you to navigate the universe. We provide you with a direct experience of your infinite, amazing divine self and your connection to ALL. Providing you with tools to explore other dimensions safely and deeply.  

Tools to serve humanity

change, transformation, personal development, ascension

Empowering you to be able to serve to your highest ability and level. We will awaken and connect you to your inner guidance for the benefit of the evolution of humanity. Providing you with tools to raise your consciousness.

Join our happy beings!

Connect with Living The Being.